Business Litigation

Our law firm engages in a wide variety of business related litigation, representing both plaintiffs and defendants.

Business litigation by its nature is usually more complex due to the various legal and regulatory schemes surrounding industry. Despite these constraints, we have been successful in obtaining recoveries for businesses and individuals who have been damaged as a result of the wrongdoing by others.  We also have assisted in forging successful resolution of various “business divorces” and buyouts.

One unfortunate aspect of being successful in business is the increasing number of groundless claims raised against successful businesses. Our law firm has a solid reputation in business litigation backed by extensive experience in defending businesses from groundless claims, including defenses against patent trolls. In addition, each lawyer works closely with business clients in advising whether litigation or settlement is appropriate given the client’s overall goals and its goals in the specific litigation.

Please contact David Dunn or Rich Carroll for general questions relating to Business Litigation.

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