Real Estate Law

The attorneys in the firm actively practice all aspects of Real Estate Law, including purchases and sales of residential and commercial properties, financing, leasing, construction and permitting.

Our law firm assists in-state and out-of-state individuals, business and lenders in all aspects of real estate transactions.

Vermont has one of the nation’s most extensive land use and permitting schemes, which is layered over local regulations and state statutes. These regulations can create an almost impenetrable maze for businesses (and sometimes individuals) planning to locate, relocate or expand in Vermont, and attempting to unravel this maze without a full knowledge of the various limitations can be extremely frustrating and time consuming.

Sandy Shriver, Rich Carroll, and David Dunn, all firm partners, have been active Real Estate attorneys in Vermont for many years, representing sellers, buyers, lenders and borrowers in both residential and commercial transactions.

David Dunn, has a Master’s degree in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School. His experience provides additional support to this area of the firm’s practice.

Contact Sandy Shriver, Rich Carroll, Molly Ladner, or David Dunn, with questions relating to Real Estate, Land Use and Environmental Law.

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