Corporate Law

Our law firm serves as counsel for various local and regional companies, as well as advising individual business investors, employees, officers and directors on the impact of corporate and business law on their affairs. The firm works actively with general and limited partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies and partnerships. Our attorneys also represent several not-for-profit entities, and we have assisted over a dozen entities in obtaining their IRS 501(c)(3) status.

We have advised clients on corporate formations, registration of foreign business, mergers, acquisitions, stock transfers, asset sales, stock options, director and corporate conflict of interest issues, employment agreements and choice of business entity.

As a small business itself, PDSC Law believes strongly that the ongoing costs of operating a profitable business are large enough without unnecessary legal costs. At the same time, there are certain aspects and situations surrounding significant events related to a business that warrant careful review and reasoned judgment.

Our law firm works closely with its clients to strike a meaningful balance to determine whether in-depth or cursory review of business matters or documents is appropriate. In addition, we focus on identifying and describing business risks for the client, allowing the client to make its own business decision, but a decision based on knowing and understanding the risks.

Please contact David Dunn with general questions relating to corporate and business law.

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